Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Photography Class

This spring MCH students explored their creative side with an after school photography class led by recreation coordinator Kimberly Bobbitt. Around 22 students participated in the weekly class.

The class was part of the recreation department’s overall goal to engage students in healthy, constructive activities after school and expose them to something they normally wouldn’t be able to do on a regular basis. With photography being one of her hobbies, Kimberly said she also wanted to share one of her passions with her students.

“My initial goal with the students was to create a class that was fun, a place for them to learn some new things about photography, and to make the class a space for the students to be creative,” Kimberly said.

During each class, the students had a short lesson followed by a mini photography project. They learned basic photography concepts such as hard and soft light, composition, techniques and different styles of photography. Kimberly said one of her most popular lessons was a light graffiti project where students learned about long exposures and used flashlights and glow sticks to draw pictures while the shutter of the camera was open. Also, the students learned about the professions of food photography and food stylists while decorating cupcakes and photographing them.

Below are a few of the photographs taken by MCH students in the photography class: 

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