Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer art class recreates school mural

Youth are getting the chance to explore their creativity and produce a work of art for the campus to enjoy during this summer’s art enrichment class. Youth from two classes taught by Clarence Degrate, at-risk coordinator for the charter school, are working on a project to redesign the mural outside of the school.

“Because this wall has stood that way for so long, none of our youth here understood what it meant or identified with it,” Degrate said. “This was a chance for us to start fresh.”

The youth did research on the computer for ideas that they would like to include in the mural. They decided to include images that showcase the charter school such as athletics, drama, student council and cheerleading. Also, they are including reminders to youth promoting no bullying, self confidence, as well as the MCH 10 Life Skills and four basic rules.
Once the youth came up with the concepts, Degrate sketched outlines along the wall and the youth are painting the images during class.

“I think this project will give our kids a sense of entitlement,” Degrate said. “They were able to come up with the ideas and create something that will be long lasting. Plus this is also an opportunity for our kids from Waxahachie to build relationships and feel connected to the campus.”

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