Monday, April 28, 2014

Family Outreach staff completes Family Solutions Training in Dallas

Family Outreach offices in Abilene, Dallas, Houston, Lufkin and Waco will implement Family Solutions in the coming months. In preparation, staff recently completed Family Solutions Foundational Training from these offices as well as new staff in our other six locations already using the model. 

Foundational training is intended to give staff the philosophical principles of the program, evidence that supports the specific type of work with families, and internal tools so that their work through the program is constructive and meets the fidelity criteria for the model.  Family Solutions is intended to help families strengthen relationships, form community connections for support, and increase protective factors against and reduce risk factors for child maltreatment. 

A team of Family Outreach staff already implementing the program (Alicia Carter and Becky James - Albuquerque, Marisol Gomez - Corpus Christi, Jorge Soto - El Paso, Dana Bearden and Jessica Ham - Lubbock, Jessica Butters and Crystal Motok-Salinas - San Antonio, and Suzy King and Jessica Johnson - Tyler) shared training responsibilities with Dr. Diane DePanfilis, the author of the model and a partner to MCH in its implementation process. The three-day training offered staff time to learn new skills and share in casting a vision for our continued work with families at risk for child maltreatment.  It was also a great time for staff from different locations to spend time together in the DFW metroplex.  Thanks also are due to Dallas, Tyler, and Lubbock staff for helping with preparations for the training time!

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