Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ReCreation Weekend 2014

Youth spent the weekend reflecting on their spirituality and sense of self during ReCreation Weekend 2014 hosted by the Spiritual Development department March 28-30.

This year, youth heard the story of the Prodigal Son and were challenged to relate it to their own life and their search for identity and acceptance. Throughout the weekend, youth were guided to find their identity through Christ. At the start of the weekend, they were given booklets created by Pastor Ron Britton that included the schedule, story of the Prodigal Son, illustrations and an area for notes.

The spiritual weekend kicked off with a concert from Christian musical groups including rapper Saul Paul, rapper and singer B. Sloan and Christian group Bus Seven.

 “Worshipping Christ and living a life for Him does not look and sound one particular way,” said Kim Clark, spiritual development director. “We bring in people who use their variety of gifts to glorify God. We expose our students to people that have come from a variety of backgrounds but who all have given their lives to Christ and the furthering of the Kingdom. We hope that the weekend serves as a time for students to reflect, question and wrestle with faith, figuring out what it looks like for them and their journey to becoming who God created them to be.”

During the concert, Waco residents worked behind the scenes including Dusty, who served as DJ, and Aman, who ran the sound board.  Also, Waco resident Caleb took the stage to perform a powerful poem set to music.
The following day, youth were separated into boys and girls groups for breakout sessions in order “to create an atmosphere of honesty, reality and truth” according to Clark. The girls group was led by Lady Light (Felicia Craig) and Stephanie Howell. The theme of the discussion was to examine their sense of self and calling through God and how their circumstances will only affect their purpose if they let them. They also discussed claiming their identity through God rather than through love and acceptance from unhealthy relationships. The boys groups were led by Minister Slugger and Corey Anderson who shared lessons on how to be a man, not through a spirit of defiance and conquest, but by rising up and being godly.

The weekend came to a close with a Sunday morning worship service. Rev. Tonya Burton of the Perkins Youth School of Theology shared a sermon keeping in line with the weekend’s theme by discussing the story of the Prodigal Son and how although he went out searching for identity and affirmation, he ended up finding it in the house of his father.

Waco resident Dusty served as DJ during the concert.

Saul Paul encouraged audience participation during his performance.

Between sets, the recreation coordinators led 60-second games.

Waco resident Caleb performed a song during the concert.

Singer and rapper B. Sloan performed her songs with a Christian message.

Bus Seven closed out the concert.

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