Monday, June 23, 2014

Core Value Award for Hope - Ben Pinckney

Ben Pinckney, youth care counselor, received the Core Value Award for Hope.  Ben embodies the Core Award of Hope by role modeling how important it is to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  During his tenure at MCH, Ben has made an effort to attend as many trainings as he can because he desires to be the best youth care counselor that he can be. The fact that he works the overnight shift does not deter him.  Ben’s desire to learn and grow is evident as he works hard to learn as much about TBRI as he can.  He can recite the MCH Life Skills and discuss the connecting, empowering and correcting principles.  He works hard to show the youth in his care that they should always have hope.  Ben spends time with youth in his care, getting to know them and helping them see their worth.  He encourages them to fight hard to reach their goals and to never give up.  The impact he has had on our youth is evident in the way they speak of him and how he encourages them.  We appreciate Ben for all he does but, most importantly, for his ability to give the youth in his care the desire to continue to work hard to reach their goals and always have hope. 

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