Thursday, June 5, 2014

Core Value Award for Service – Steve Kruse

Steve Kruse, agricultural teacher, received the Core Value Award for Service.  Mr. Kruse shows compassion to each and every youth who participates in his programs with encouraging words, pats on the back and even a tear every now and then as he praises their hard work and dedication.  Being an Ag teacher for MCH is not just a job to Mr. Kruse, it is a calling.  The long hours spent at livestock shows, the last minute projects requested for special events from his wood working and metal shop classes, and even the cold days breaking the ice for the animals while the youth are on Christmas break are always done with a smile.  Mr. Kruse is continually thinking about how each opportunity will encourage, educate and enrich the lives of the youth at MCH.  There is never a question as to how much Mr. Kruse cares for each one of his students.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the most caring ,dedicated and hard working teacher I have ever seen.
Congratulations Steve and keep up the amazing work!!
James Garrett
Daisy Unit