Thursday, October 2, 2014

Afterschool Programs

The Recreation program of Methodist Children’s Home offers youth from the Waco campus and Boys Ranch a variety of six afterschool programs to choose from,” said Anthony Mead, afterschool coordinator.
“Choir and theater offers the opportunity to compete in the Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship (TCAF) league and show off the youth’s acting and singing abilities,” explained Mead. “Drum line teaches instrumental skills, music theory and these youth will perform at pep rallies and football games. The Independent Living program helps juniors and seniors prepare for college and independence. Horseback riding teaches care of horses and riding skills, and the physical education (PE) class consists of organized games and sports that offers a PE credit.”

“The afterschool programs are an essential part of seeing our youth learn more about themselves and as team members,“ he added. “These programs embody the MCH life skills. We try to give our youth holistic programs in which they can express their creative side and step out and shine. These programs are a continuation of the great works that are being done in and through our youth throughout various programs.”

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