Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Great Escape for Outreach Staff

Dallas Outreach
Each year, Methodist Children’s Home celebrates its staff by hosting a day of games, lunch and time for fellowship during the Great Escape. This day of thanks allows staff the opportunity to recharge and enjoy the company of their coworkers. Staff from Waco and the Boys Ranch gather at Heritage Park on the Waco campus for a cookout and games. Although outreach staff are unable to attend the Waco celebration, they are invited to plan their own day of relaxation and fun in their communities. 

Below is how some of our outreach offices celebrated this special day:

“For our great escape outing, Abilene staff went bowling at Primetime. Anna was the bowling champion of the day! After bowling we went out for salad and pizza. It was a great day of fun and fellowship and gave us a chance to get to know Sarah better since she is the newest member of our team.” – Megan Harbin, Director of Family Outreach - Abilene

“The Albuquerque staff chose Art Attack as our Great Escape activity.  We each picked a piece of ceramic pottery and had two hours to paint and be creative!  Each of us took our time as we selected a piece and we all enjoyed the opportunity to sit together, share a few laughs and focus on something other than work!  What a wonderful opportunity MCH gave us to connect and enjoy each other.  We are thankful!  And how neat that we’ve all got a special piece of pottery to remember the day by!” – Alicia Carter, Director of Family Outreach - Albuquerque

“The Houston Outreach Staff enjoyed a nice long lunch at Grand Lux Cafe in the Galleria.  We enjoyed talking and laughing with each other.  Our day was topped it off with great desserts and a shopping excursion at Nordstrom Rack.  This was a great way to relax, enjoy each other’s company and take a break from our hectic schedules.” – Veronica Whalon-Peters, Director of Family Outreach - Houston

“The Lubbock Outreach office spent their Great Escape enjoying lunch at a local restaurant and an afternoon of crafts. We visited a local business, Pinspired, to make a fall or winter decoration of our choice. The idea of their business is to provide people the resources to bring their Pinterest inspired ideas to life! Staff members were able to laugh, relax, fellowship with one another, show off their skills, and enjoy an afternoon away from the office! It was great to see everyone's creativity! We all enjoyed the experience and may be back for another day of crafting soon!” – Jessica Ham, Case Manager - Lubbock

“Lufkin Outreach celebrated the Great Escape by grabbing a quick lunch then bowling.  We had a great time together and had several laughs.  Diana enjoyed the challenge of trying to distract me from a strike and LaKiesha played a good game that was neck and neck with me, but I pulled ahead toward the end!” – Amanda Grimmett, Director of Family Outreach – Lufkin 

“I think the consensus is that most of us had never worked for an organization that cared for their employees as much as MCH does. The Great Escape is just one of the ways MCH takes care of their staff so they are refreshed and can continue to do wonderful work for the children and families. This year was my first year to attend The Great Escape and what a blessing it was! As a team we decided to go to Chris & Sam’s for lunch. After having the scrumptious meals we headed to Pottery Café to show our artistic sides. Although some found the painting experience somewhat stressful due to their perfectionist personalities the majority of us found it to be a fun, relaxing and bonding experience. We will forever hold this Great Escape in our hearts and mind. In the end all the paintings turned out beautiful! What a wonderful experience we were able to have thanks to MCH, our great administrator and our director for allowing us to choose a place as a team for the Great Escape.” - Edith Wineland, Administrative Assistant - Tyler

“For our Great Escape, we all got pedicures and then had lunch at a sweet little tea room, where they had prepared an assortment of teas, pastries and finger sandwiches. Tas made all the arrangements for us. We had a relaxing, lovely day. Rosemary shared that this was her first time ever getting a pedicure! It was a wonderful team building experience that I think, brought us all a little closer together.” – Tashika Smith, Director of Family Outreach - Dallas 

Thank you to all our outreach staff for their hard work in their communities throughout the year!

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