Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Christmas Carol

MCH theater students gave a special Christmas treat this year with a production of “A Christmas Carol.” The famous Christmas story by Charles Dickens was performed on Dec. 11 at the Harrell Memorial Chapel on the Waco campus.
The theater students are led by instructor Kira Rockwell, a Baylor BFA graduate in theater performance. The class spent two days in October doing auditions for the play. On the first day, Rockwell met with students interested in the technical aspects of theater such as light, sound, costume, makeup, and set design. The following day, auditions for acting roles were held where students performed scenes from the play in groups of two or three. Below is the final cast and production crew:

Narrator and Belle – Beth
Scrooge – Ben
Mr. Cratchit – Josh
Fred and Young Ebenezer – Trey
Mr. Jeeves, Peter Cratchit, and Broker 2 – Alfred
Tiny Tim, Ignorance and Boy – Chris
Marley’s Ghost, Fan, and Mrs. Dibler – Kimberly Bobbitt (Recreation Coordinator) filled in for Mae who was out sick
Spirit of Christmas Past, Janet, and Mrs. Oliver – Jade
Spirit of Christmas Present – Apryl
Mrs. Cratchit, Want, and Broker 1 – Grace
Martha Cratchit – Jessica
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come – Aaron
Light and Sound Designer – Natasha
Costume and Make-up Designer – Jade
Set Designer and Lead Stagehand – Aaron

“The students did incredible,” Rockwell said. “Every student on that stage challenged themselves and grew exponentially since day one of class. They had fun, they were creative, they were brave, and they were confident enough in themselves to perform in front of their peers and finish the show. Most importantly what I am most pleased with is the fact that they completed the production feeling so proud and accomplished.”

In Rockwell’s after-school theater class, she said the students began the semester by focusing on cultivating a “team spirit” within the group and established warmups that they do in every class. Throughout the semester, they learned the basics of theater and the actor’s process as well as attended a production at Baylor, “Into the Woods.” Rockwell said the students also read plays with different styles of acting such as Greek, Shakespearean, Improv and contemporary drama.

“My desire for these students is that in this class they would not only learn about theatre and play a few acting games, but they would leave as confident, educated young theatre artists who are knowledgeable of the styles, techniques and the disciplines it takes to do theatre outside of Methodist Children's Home,” Rockwell said. “Of course we have our fun and play those acting games, but I truly feel this group allows students to discover something they've never tried or never thought they could do and realize they actually can and that they're pretty great at it, too.” 

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