Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ranch Family Day 2014

Boys Ranch welcomed families of youth on Nov. 25 to kick off a Thanksgiving week of fellowship. For this year’s Family Day, visitors gathered in the dining hall for the come-and-go event.

Families were treated to a dinner and snacks prepared by the dining hall staff. Ranch child care staff also provided families with goody bags filled with items promoting Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) techniques such as stress balls, pencil toppers, water, snacks and gum. TBRI is a method of care developed by Texas Christian University’s Institute of Child Development focused on helping children who have experienced relationship-based trauma to heal. Also included in the bags was a list of MCH’s 10 life skills that are taught to MCH youth during their stay. 

These life skills are:
1. Use good words to communicate
2. Be gentle and kind
3. Show respect
4. Listen and learn
5. Understand who is in charge
6. Accept decisions of authority
7. Make good choices
8. Focus and finish your work
9. Negotiate and compromise
10. Build trusting relationships

Ranch youth Charles, Chris and Jaden worked with homeparent Glinda Thorp to prepare a puppet show for the crowd to demonstrate several of these life skills and an example of a “redo.”  A “redo” is a conflict resolution technique that allows individuals to start over after having a disagreement.

“The kids worked hard on their show,” said Laura Bonner, Boys Ranch administrator. “They did a great job!”


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