Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bright Futures in Lufkin

Narasha Adams found herself at a crossroads. As a single mother with two young children living in Lufkin, she consistently struggled to connect with her children. Her older daughter, Brooklyn (5) has developmental issues and Octarien (4) was having trouble in school. Adams knew that in order to be the best parent possible to both her children, she would need help.

Adams found that help and has benefitted greatly from the Family Solutions program offered through MCH Family Outreach in Lufkin, which is a part of a 125-year tradition of providing help and hope to children, individuals and families in Texas and New Mexico.

The purpose of MCH Family Outreach offices is to empower families in their communities and support them during trying times. Over the past few months with weekly support from LaKiesha Chatman, her case manager, Adams said she has been able to work toward goals that will help her family reach new levels of stability.

“Going back to school is important to me,” she said. “I want to provide a better future for my family.”

MCH Family Outreach connected Adams with local resources to help develop her reading comprehension and computer skills. In addition to supporting Adams’ goal of going back to school, Chatman also provided the Adams family with resources on how to get more involved in the Lufkin community. Through the Family Solutions program, Chatman has also provided information on both Asperger’s and autism, as these might be conditions Brooklyn deals with.

“Narasha is a great mom,” Chatman said, as Brooklyn and Octarien played in the living room. “She is protective of her children and only wants the best for them.”

Adams said she is grateful for the support she has felt from Chatman.

“LaKiesha will call me just to ask how I am doing, and that means a lot,” Adams explained.

Though these interactions may seem small, they have meant the world to Adams and her family. She said knowing Chatman cares about her family has helped her cope over the months.

Every day families like Adams’ in Texas and New Mexico reach out for support and our MCH Family Outreach offices willingly offer a helping hand. Looking forward, Adams hopes to begin taking cosmetology classes, as well as learn more about Asperger’s and autism so she can continue to advocate on Brooklyn’s behalf. Adams knows that if she hadn’t had the strength to ask for help, her family would not have had the opportunity to grow as it has.

“I would refer them to anyone,” Adams claimed when talking about MCH Family Outreach. “I feel blessed to have their help.”

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