Friday, January 16, 2015

New Beginnings in Corpus Christi

Making the decision to ask for help in times of need is never easy, but for Amy Lutz it was a necessary step in the right direction for her family. Recently divorced, Lutz realized that if she was going to provide a better life for herself and her son, Robby (9), she would need the support of a Christ-centered organization. Lutz reached out to the local MCH Family Outreach office in Corpus Christi for more information on their programs and found the support she so desperately needed.

Lutz and her son were connected with Michelle Gunter, who became their case manager. Over the course of four months, Gunter helped guide Lutz through the Family Solutions program. This program helps families enhance their quality of life by providing weekly meetings with a case manager who works with the family to identify problems and develop goals to improve their situation. The Corpus Christi office is among a network of 12 MCH Family Outreach offices carrying on a 125-year tradition of providing help and hope to children and families in Texas and New Mexico.

Lutz faced many challenges at the beginning of the program, but Gunter helped her see these challenges as opportunities for growth. While learning to parent on her own, Lutz also discovered that Robby is autistic and was subsequently diagnosed with ADHD. Lutz acknowledged she needed a deeper level of support that encompassed more than learning new parenting skills. With Gunter’s assistance, Lutz outlined goals in key areas of her life and began taking steps to make those goals a reality for her and Robby.

“Those goals laid a foundation for a new life,” Lutz said.

In addition to connecting Lutz to local resources for parents with autistic children, Gunter helped Lutz set financial goals. Lutz wanted to feel a new sense of independence in her life and be able to empower herself. Gunter also assisted Lutz in the process of returning to school for massage therapy, an industry that Lutz is passionate about.

“Where I am now is completely different than where I was,” Lutz said as she spoke about the benefits of the Family Solutions program. “I couldn’t have made it where I am now without the help I received.”

Working with Gunter on a regular basis helped Lutz focus on the things she needed to accomplish for her family but didn’t have the strength to do alone. Looking back, Lutz admitted the timing could not have been more perfect. MCH Family Outreach in Corpus Christi was there when she needed them most, preparing her to embark on a new beginning.

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