Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FUMC Waco donates $40,000 for new home on Waco campus

In a generous show of support, First United Methodist Church of Waco contributed $40,000 to the building of a new home on the Waco campus.

FUMC Waco’s senior pastor, the Rev. Steve Ramsdell, has been connected to the ministry of MCH for many years and currently serves on the board of directors and several leadership committees. The church was one of the founding congregations of Methodist Children’s Home when it began as an orphanage in 1890.

“Since we were there in the beginning and there fifty years ago when the last homes were built, it seems appropriate that we play a significant part in the building of this new home,” Ramsdell said. “We have many members who were raised or spent significant time at MCH in their years growing up and many members who serve in some capacity at MCH.”

The church has been a longtime supporter of the annual Christmas offering for MCH. In honor of the ministry’s 125th anniversary, the congregation wanted to make a special offering this year by contributing to the new building project.

“We have been touched by and shared in this ministry so many times through the years, it seemed to be a perfect opportunity to dedicate the 2015 Christmas offering at First United Methodist Church of Waco to the vision to modernize homes on the Waco campus in order to better serve young people in their care,” Ramsdell said. “With a few announcements as to the cause, reason, and need, it was our largest Christmas offering we’ve ever received. It is a privilege to give $40,000 to this sacred cause.”

On March 21, members of the church visited the construction site for the new home to get a glimpse of how their contribution will serve children as they work to rebuild their lives. The group formed a circle of prayer outside of the home and wrote messages of hope on a wall that will be incorporated into the home.

“Since 1890 this ministry has relied on God’s guidance and the generosity of others,” said Trey Oakley, vice president for development at MCH. “We know how many worthy causes this congregation supports and how many seek their support, and a gift of this size sends a strong statement about their belief in this project. It is a great encouragement to our ministry.”

The state-of-the-art building is the first new home built on the Waco campus in more than 50 years. Construction is expected to be completed by May 2016.

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