Thursday, March 3, 2016

MCHS credit recovery program helps students find success

The Methodist Children’s Home School helps students achieve their academic goals. Most schools have some form of computer-based classrooms for students that are in need of credit recovery. MCH uses the OdysseyWare computer-based program that offers curriculum for electives and core classes.

“Our district chose OdysseyWare because of the numerous electives that are offered and because it seemed to fit with the Texas curriculum better,” said Michelle Arocha, assistant principal.
Some of the courses offered are Business, Health Services, Criminal Justice, Math, Science, Social Studies and English. The program is self-paced so the students are able to work through their lessons and gain credit at a faster rate. Students are given incentives to stay on task and meet curriculum deadlines for the program.

“Joyce Shannon, facilitator and Bridgett Johnson, youth care counselor, have created an environment in the OdysseyWare classroom that fosters responsibility and rewards persistence,” added Arocha. “Bridgett and Joyce go out of their way to help students find success and a sense of accomplishment. Their students earn a star for each course they complete. Students have completed so many courses so far this year they are hanging stars from the ceiling.”

Shannon and Johnson bring 31 years of combined service to MCH having worked directly with our students, both in the school and in the students’ homes on the Waco campus.

Shannon said, “I love being part of the students’ day and helping them prepare for life and seeing them gain confidence in themselves. The student is responsible for their decisions and the results of the effort they put into it, and that is exciting.”

“I love how I have opportunities to talk with students about their education and the blessing of a second chance,” added Johnson. “Our classroom motto is ‘Reach beyond the sky, reach for the stars, to infinity and beyond.’ We want our students to know that the sky is not the limit but go beyond the sky and grab a star.” 

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