Monday, November 28, 2016

MCH kicks off holiday season with choir concert

MCH students shared their voices during the first choir concert of the year on Nov. 17. The Bulldog Café concert at the Waco campus featured several group, ensemble and solo performances by the MCH choir.

This semester the choir students have been working on blending, building their sound and connecting as a group according to Jill Sims, MCH choir director.

"With five returning students and eight new students, it has been important that we focus on building community as much as we focus on building our sound,” Sims said. “In each rehearsal, I try to balance singing with exercises that focus on team building as I teach the students that our attitudes toward each other affects our singing as a group. It has been wonderful to see how quickly they have bonded as a group.”

As they prepared for the concert, Sims said students were heavily involved in selecting the songs to perform. She met with choir vice president, Iona, prior to the semester to create a starting point for their repertoire, and she also took note of what students enjoyed singing during voice lessons throughout the semester. Sims said she wanted her students to connect with the music.

“I am tremendously proud of the choir students,” Sims said. “They have worked very hard this semester to learn their music, and have learned how to blend as a group. They are also incredibly supportive of each other and they clearly love singing together. They have grown so much in this short time together and have all shown an increase in confidence since the beginning of the semester. I am excited to see how they continue to grow as a group and perform at future concerts and competitions.”

The MCH Choir will perform during the Carols and Candles Christmas service on Dec. 15 and plan to host a Christmas Coffeehouse where several of the students will perform Christmas solos they have been working on during voice lessons. They also plan to carol at the administration buildings next month.

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