Wednesday, February 14, 2018

MCH students participate in 2018 McLennan County Livestock Show

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) students competed in the 2018 McLennan County Junior Livestock Show with six students receiving scholarships and five animals progressing to the sale. A total of 24 students from the charter school’s FFA program showed livestock and eight students submitted a total of 10 projects to the Ag mechanics contest.

The show took place Feb. 6-9 at the Extraco Events Center in Waco with FFA and 4-H programs from schools around the county competing in the annual contest. Throughout the year, Ag teachers Steve Kruse and Kevin Gibbs work with the students on showing techniques and how to prepare the animals for livestock shows.

“Mr. Gibbs and I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the students,” Kruse said. “I had many compliments this week on the behavior of the students which proves we are all doing something positive to mold young men and women. Most of all, thank you to the students for the hard work, and to God for watching over us all week.” 

See below for a list of results:
Market swine: BOYB – Noah (5th), Adam (6th), also participated – Julio, Danny; York – Ladarius (10th), also participated – Bryce; Duroc – KK (9th), Noah (10th), also participated – Roger, Blake; Hamp – Philip participated; Cross – Anthony (10th), also participated – Sam.

Steer:  Galen (8th in class one), Marisa (8th in class three).

Goats: Lucas (7th), Triston (8th), Dustin (9th).

Sheep:  Hair sheep – Layla (3rd), Duane (3rd); Sheep – Adriana (2nd), Sai (3rd), Juliana (4th), D’Nayjah (4th), Dathan (9th), Jaelyne (10th).

Ag Mechanics projects: Scholarships to Texas State Technical College received by Galen, Noah, Marisa, Chandler, Danny, and Julio.
Gate made by Danny and Julio – Blue quality, 1st in division, Reserve Champion; Electric shop bench made by Galen – Blue quality, 1st in division, Champion division; Lamp made by Marisa – Blue quality, 1st in division, Reserve Champion; Reclaimed table – Blue quality, 2nd in division; BBQ combo made by Danny and Chandler – Blue quality, 2nd in division, Reserve Champion; Hay spear made by Danny and Galen – Blue quality, 1st in division; Coffee table made by Jaelyne – Red quality, 2nd in division; Other projects – Cedar bench made by Adam, Creep Feeder made by Galen and Noah, Fire pit made by Julio.

Congratulations to our students on a great show!

Click here for a photo gallery from the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show. 

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Anonymous said...

It was a long hard week. Very proud of all my students for the job that they did. We did this as a team and I want you to know that I think everyone of you are champions.