Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Carolers bring Christmas spirit to MCH administration

The MCH choir spread Christmas cheer to staff in three administrative buildings on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The youth traveled to the Administration Building, Perkins Heritage Home and Johnson Student Center to perform Christmas carols and brighten the day for staff.  After the caroling, the students were treated to hot chocolate and refreshments in the JSC lobby.

Caroling provided the youth with some extra practice before they perform for the Carols and Candles worship service on Dec. 19. During the service, the choir also plans to perform a special Christmas carol  remix including a beat created by choir member Patrick and a rap written as a group effort by the choir members. The MCH Drum Line will assist with the performance of the remix.

The choir consists of 10 students led by recreation coordinator Kimberly Bobbitt and choir instructor Amy Toney. The youth have been singing together since September 2013 as part of an after-school recreation program. They first met informally to discuss their objectives and assess the students’ experience with singing in a choir. Toney said initially, the students greatest concern was singing in front of people, a fear they met head on during the caroling and in class.

This year Toney and Bobbitt have taught the students lessons on basic music theory, note reading, and vocal health. The choir has also participated in fun activities such as karaoke, sing-offs and music charades as well as singing challenges. The choir has taken group trips to view advanced groups such as the Baylor a cappella group Virtuoso, to help the students to see what their hard work can accomplish.

“The students have worked hard in choir,” Bobbit said. “For me one of the most rewarding aspects of choir this semester has been that even on days when it is challenging for the students to work together, once they start singing the dissonance is gone because the whole room is then working to build musical harmony. Those melodies, and the joy that singing them creates, make it all worth it.”

Next semester, the MCH choir will be preparing for the TCAL competition in April where they will compete in solo and ensemble contests. Congratulations to our choir for all their hard work!

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