Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life Books save treasured childhood memories

The Corpus Christi Outreach office held a Life Book Training Party for foster families in November. During the training, foster parents were able to make pages for their current foster children’s Life Books. Parents brought a variety of stickers and scrapbooking pages, scissors, glue and markers. The foster children were able to participate in the process and assisted with their own Life Books.

The Life Book is a collection of photos or a scrapbook that is carefully developed by foster parents and MCH staff while a child is in care. Many Life Books contain information about the child’s life and experiences while in foster care, such as samples of schoolwork, artistic creations and other important pieces. The Life Book ensures that fond memories, accomplishments and milestones are captured for every child and family. The Life Book is created to go with the child when they return home.

At the training, MCH staff discussed the importance of having a Life Book for each child. Foster parents were able to share tips on how they stay current with the Life Books, such as scheduling time and purchasing items on sale. (Foster parents also utilized pre-made pages from the following website:

MCH believes in the importance of supplying Life Books for each child in care. The foster parents enjoyed this time together and were able to fellowship and exchange information in the process.

Here are some photos from the recent training in Corpus Christi:

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