Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Wishes from China Spring Intermediate

Fifth grader Hannah Crawford had the idea to get her school
involved in making Christmas cards for youth at MCH.
No matter what age, one person’s thoughtfulness can influence many. After visiting Methodist Children’s Home with her stepmother, 10-year-old Hannah Crawford felt compelled to reach out to the youth served through this ministry. Thanks to her efforts, this year MCH youth will be receiving special Christmas sentiments from China Spring Intermediate’s fifth and sixth grade classes.
“I’ve come to Methodist Children’s Home a few times for Christmas and I’ve made some friends,” Hannah said. “I know that they get presents here but I wanted to give them more cheer and thought Christmas cards would be great so that when they open their gifts, they see that there’s someone else out there who cares.”

When Hannah’s class was making Christmas cards, she told her teacher about MCH and asked if she could ask a few of the children to make cards for MCH youth. Her teacher made an announcement to the class and the students joined in. The next day, Hannah wanted to see if she could possibly get the whole school involved. She met with the school counselor who suggested she write a letter about her desire to start a Christmas card campaign. The principal of the school sent Hannah’s letter out to all the teachers and the entire fifth and sixth grade agreed to participate.

“I was so happy,” Hannah said. “It is good to know that all these kids are helping other kids. It’s great that even though the kids at school haven’t been there, they are willing to make the cards.”
Hannah’s stepmother, Allison Crawford, volunteer and special events coordinator at MCH, was very touched by Hannah’s sentiment.

“Hannah has a big heart and we’re so proud of her,” Crawford said. “It meant a lot to me that her visits to MCH had such an impact on her.”

The cards will be delivered to MCH by Tuesday so they will be ready in time for gift opening after the Carols and Candles Christmas celebration on Dec. 19. Youth will have something a little extra under the Christmas tree this year.

“I hope it will put a smile on their face to know that other kids out there think of them and that it will help put them in the holiday spirit,” Hannah said. “My intention was to make them happy and just say ‘Merry Christmas.’”

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